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Cedric Leighton Associates is a unique consultancy at the nexus of 21st Century Crisis Management, Leadership Development, and Strategic Risk Management. We analyze trends in the Cyber Security, Defense and Energy sectors because an insightful understanding of each of these sectors is critical to the success of 21st Century global businesses.

Cedric Leighton Associates helps its partners develop future leaders, mitigate today’s and tomorrow’s strategic risks and effectively manage current and future crises. We do this by helping our partners streamline internal processes. We also develop training programs and provide our partners with an understanding of the geo-strategic environment they are operating in.

Founded by Colonel (Ret) Cedric Leighton after his 26-year career as an Intelligence Officer in the US Air Force, Cedric Leighton Associates is a strategic partner that lives by its motto: “To Inspire. To Lead. To Succeed.” Come see how Cedric Leighton Associates can help you achieve mission success.

Strategic Trends.

Understanding key political, policy and technical developments in the Cyber Security, Defense and Energy sectors provides our partners with fresh insights and helps them increase market share in a volatile business environment. Our individually tailored Strategic Trends Analysis products are crafted for each of our partners based on their specific business needs. Our Leadership and Crisis Management training efforts are designed to enhance our partners’ organizational resiliency.

We Know Success.

Success is not just a matter of luck or coincidence. It is earned. Our partnerships are based on the principle of mutually assured success. We believe that top-notch research drives insight. We believe that actionable insights hold the key to your success.